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About Us

       Elite Décor Co., Ltd. is a direct manufacturer of quality foam-based and lightweight architectural elements that can beautify and potentially increase the value of any building whether old or brand new, residential or commercial to enhance your living or work space.
       We manufacture a wide variety of durable EPS (expandable polystyrene) foam pre-coated products in a diverse range of sizes, shapes and textures—each fitting perfectly to accentuate every wall, ceiling and corner of your world.
        In addition, we can repair or restore existing architectural elements that are broken or damaged, renewing the look and style of most buildings or home structures. Whether you need to remodel a shopping center, office complex, hotels or any residence or industrial building, we can help you revitalize it with one of our products.

Features of BUABAU products:
For outdoor installation. Rugged, sunlight-resistant, weatherproof.
Thermal insulation and noise inhibiting.
No moldy.
Reducing the weight of the structure.
Light weight and durable.
The plaster that is used  for closing joints is same plaster of cover. So there are no cracks.
Cover is flexible, allowing you to install a molding on the convex surface.
Shape of the product is produced with modern machinery so exact and beautiful.
Easy installation with adhesive plaster. The cheapest price for installation.
Custom designs and sizes available.
Not harmful to human health and not pollute the environment.
Not support a fire.
Standard length is 2 meters.
Warranties for products.